Alipay to enable iPhone 5s users in China to make online payments via fingerprint authentication

December 16, 2014 - 

Chinese online payment solution firm Alipay announced it will enable Chinese users of the iPhone 5s running iOS 8 to authenticate online payments by scanning their fingerprint, according to Mobile World Live.

Alipay has already previously enabled fingerprint-based payments with the Huawei Mate 7 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

So far, only the iPhone 5 is reported to enable Alipay payments, with no mention of whether other Apple devices that feature the Touch ID sensor will also have the same capability.

Payments made via the iPhone 5s are limited to $162 per day, while all transactions over this amount will require additional authentication via passwords.

The fingerprint verification process will be conducted locally via the iPhone processor, and not by uploading data to a third party company.

Alipay is also working with facial recognition services provider Face++, which provides the free API and SDK of face detection, recognition and analysis.

Reported in October, Apple CEO Tim Cook began eyeing a possible expansion of its contactless platform Apple Pay to China in a potential agreement with Alipay’s parent company Alibaba.

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