Voicekey launches voice biometric mobile-point-of-sale device

December 9, 2014 - 

Voicekey Limited announced it is launching a mobile-point-of-sale solution which offers a fast and secure method of collecting mobile payments.

Voicekey mPOS uses voice identity certificates and real-time transaction verification to ensure security of payment.

“The market ready mCommerce solution that has been developed enables mobile commerce to be conducted in a convenient, secure and inclusive manner,” said Voicekey CEO Dr Tony Allen. “The use of conventional consumer smart devices as well as industry leading retail mobile-point-of-sale hardware devices allows for easy uptake of the solution by both retailer and consumer.”

The solution also uses dynamic barcode displays on the mobile phone to provide real-time confirmation of transaction payment.

Voicekey mPOS is designed to be inclusive from the outset to allow secure and easy use by children and users with limited knowledge or expertise.

The solution offers a range of retail benefits, such as facilitating a secure live transaction, the ability to obtain big data, full mobility, and effortless retail.

Customers can use the fast payment method without any cash or credit cards.

As a primary route to market, Voicekey is working with an undisclosed company that it described as “one of the world’s leading mobile enterprises suppliers”.

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