HyprKey releases biometric payment gateway at CES

January 7, 2015 - 

HyprKey, a cyber security startup, announced that it will exhibit its patent-pending HYPR-3 biometric payment gateway technology at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas.

“As technology increasingly transforms commerce, the payments landscape is poised to benefit from security and efficiencies,” stated HYPR Corp. CEO George Avetisov. “HYPR-3 is a technology we expect to gain prominence as a direct result of showcasing its functionality, which includes the ability to spend bitcoin without ever owning bitcoin and the capability of safeguarding user accounts like bankcards behind an impenetrable key.

HYPR-3 is a 3.2 mm Bluetooth sticker that secures credit cards and bitcoin. Consumers can stick it on their phone or wear it on a keychain.

With over one year of battery life, the device allows you to leave your wallet at home.

The device can integrate with biometric smartphone functions. The platform consists of the HYPR-3 bio-sticker and API, allowing 3rd party wallets to easily integrate and eliminate fraud.

HYPR-3 will ship in June 2015 and will support Bitcoin and credit cards. We will not require merchant-side integration and will allow consumers to spend bitcoin through their debit cards.

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