ImageWare’s biometric solutions to integrate and operate with CA security products

January 15, 2015 - 

ImageWare Systems announced it has joined the technology partner program of IT management software and solutions firm CA Technologies as an advanced partner member.

Through the program, CA Technologies partners with other companies to enable value-added integrations for its products, such as ImageWare’s patented biometric solutions.

ImageWare will collaborate with CA to integrate its biometric authentication mobile application GoVerifyID with CA single sign-on, CA identity manager and CA advanced authentication.

All three of these products will be delivered on premise or as a service.

“ImageWare is honored to collaborate with this world class enterprise by integrating our patented biometric products with the CA family of identity and access management solutions,” said Jim Miller, chairman and CEO of ImageWare. “We look forward to providing further details about the program following its commercialization later this quarter.”

Previously reported, ImageWare Systems recently partnered with TransUnion to integrate TransUnion’s ID Manager solution with ImageWare’s mobile authentication application, GoVerifyID.

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