Ionosys combines a watch and fingerprint reader for biometric authentication

January 12, 2015 - 

French startup Ionosys is now offering SmartSafe, a new biometric watch with fingerprint recognition for two-factor authentication, according to a report by Tom’s Guide.

Ionosys CEO Stephane Blondeau demonstrated how SmartSafe works at this week’s CES 2015.

First, the user must strap on the wrist piece, dubbed “Ionoki,” then swipe their finger across the fingerprint reader, which is called “Ionogo.”

As a security precaution, users are required to reswipe their fingers every time they put on the watch.

Once the fingerprint is verified, users must hold up the watch against an NFC reader that is either attached to, or part of, their computer to log into secure websites and software.

Since the SmartSafe uses NFC to communicate, the watch can also work with smartphones or tablets.

Having just launched SmartSafe, Blondeau said the company hopes the biometric watch will attract business customers.

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