SecuredTouch’s biometric solution analyzes touchscreen habits to protect mobile devices

January 21, 2015 - 

Start-up SecuredTouch has developed a new biometric solution that continuously monitors and analyzes a user’s touchscreen habits to catch suspicious activity, according to a report by Engineering and Technology Magazine.

SecuredTouch’s technology can also be used to completely replace traditional passwords on mobile devices.

The solution collects dozens of behavioral parameters based on touchscreen usage, and uses proprietary algorithms to continuously authenticate mobile users.

As a result, SecuredTouch is able to detect even the most subtle changes in behavior that are uncharacteristic of the authorized user.

Once it notices such suspicious activity, the solution alerts the system administrator or performs a series of preventative measures to safeguard the authorized user’s personal data.

“Today, mobile retailers and application developers need to choose between a fluent user experience and security,” said Yair Finzi, SecuredTouch CEO. “By eliminating insecure passwords and relaying on our proprietary biometric technology, we will allow users to shop and use mobile apps without a cumbersome login process and with a higher degree of security than they have today.”

SecuredTouch is currently targeting those companies and enterprises that are looking to improve the internal and external security of their service.

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