ElevenPaths offers two new biometric authentication and digital technology solutions

February 23, 2015 - 

Telefónica cybersecurity subsidiary, ElevenPaths, announced it has integrated biometric authentication and digital signature technology into its identity solutions, according to a report by Computer Business Review.

ElevenPaths’ new solutions, SmartID and SealSign, are based on technology developed by SmartAccess, which Telefónica previously acquired.

SmartID combines different authenticators including smart cards, RFID/NFC devices and biometric fingerprint recognition to allow for more secure user authentication when accessing applications and physical equipment.

In addition, SealSign is an electronic document-signing platform that works with digital certificates, biometric systems, one-time password systems and the long-term storage of signed documents.

The solution is based on behavioral biometrics.

“The reduction of fraud and problems related to identity theft must be a priority for individuals and companies in order to retain confidence in digital services and applications,” said ElevenPaths CEO Chema Alonso. “Through these two new ElevenPaths solutions we are in a strong position to help provide this much needed protection as well as opening up new ways of working and accessing digital services.”

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