Hawaii State Capitol installs biometric access control system

The Hawaii State Capitol has installed a biometric access control system that grants authorized personnel access to the building after-hours, according to a report by Civil Beat.

The biometric authentication system reads the veins of the authorized individual’s finger to provide access to the building.

“Some of you have already enrolled and successfully used the system,” Senate President Donna Mercado Kim wrote in a February 9th memo. “So far, the system appears to be working well, allowing authorized personnel entrance to the building after business hours.”

In the memo, Kim writes that all Senate personnel have been invited to register and enroll in the voluntary system.

Additionally, the same system will apply to the House of Representatives.

The memo also addresses several security issues, including that all information required to enroll in the system is being “securely stored” on the Legislature’s computer servers, the system allows registered users to access the building from the rotunda and basement levels whenever the building is closed to the public, and the system will not affect public hours of operation of the building.

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