NXT-ID patents voice recognition payment system

February 23, 2015 - 

NXT-ID, Inc. announced it has received a provisional patent for its “Distributed Voice Directed Payment Method and System”.

The provisional patent #62114357 details NXT-ID’s new voice recognition-based payment system that enables account holders to access their account if their one-word command and voice biometric are both recognized.

Once these two biometric identification methods are completed, payment is directed to an appropriate interface, such as magnetic stripe emulation, near field communication, or another interface to process the payment with the selected account.

The patent also introduces the concept of “voice cards”, which are alias names given by a user to describe specific private information such as credit and debit cards, further enhancing security as well as convenience.

“We are very excited to offer this new convenient and secure method to make payments,” said David Tunnell, CTO of NXT-ID. “We’ve all been there – Waiting in line as we fumble through our wallets to fine the right card or information. With this invention, we not only secure your data by recognizing you are who you say you are from your voice, but we also provide an extremely convenient way for you to select how you wish to pay.”

Like most of NXT-ID’s patents, the technology can be used with current point-of-sale technologies such as NFC and Magnetic Stripe, as well as make the existing POS more secure and simplified.

Tunnel said the invention enables users to ask for a specific payment account, which triggers the system to bring up an “appropriate emulator that emulates the account selected.”

The user’s voice may be recognized and emulated on the same device, or recognized on one device and directed to another device, to process the payment, Tunnel said.

By naming their account, users will be able to further protect their information since no third-party will know which card they are choosing.

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