SuperCom to demonstrate mobile payments solutions at Mobile World Congress 2015

February 20, 2015 - 

SuperCom will showcase its SuperPay suite of secure mobile payments solutions, including biometrics authentication, at the Mobile World Congress on March 2-5 in Barcelona.

SuperCom’s SuperPay is a full suite of solutions ranging from mobile wallet to mobile POS which use a set of components and platforms to enable secure mobile payments and financial services.

The suite allows customers to securely make payments using any mobile device – including smartphones, tablets or traditional 2G/3G handsets — while allowing merchants to use any smartphone, tablet or any existing POS to receive secure mobile payments.

SuperPay offers numerous payment technologies including NFC using HCE, BLE and Audio, and secures payment by using one-time password, biometric authentication and SuperCom’ proprietary SafeMoney platform.

The SuperPay suite includes four mobile solutions, starting with SuperWallet, a mobile application that offers various secure mobile financial services for any mobile device.

Secure mobile payments solution SuperTap allows customers to securely make payments using any mobile device.

SuperPOS is a solution that can be deployed from a user’s POS or tablet which allows merchants to use any smartphone or tablet device as a secure mobile payments POS.

Finally, mobile security platform SafeMoney provides a built-in security threat scanner that spots suspicious device behavior and prevents network based attacks.

Previously reported, SuperCom implemented a high-scale national security e-government contract, which consists of a biometric visa, e-gate, e-passport and resident identification system, for an undisclosed country with a “fast-growing economy”.

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