Swiss firm Crealogix develops fingerprint prototype app for online banking

February 9, 2015 - 

Swiss software developer Crealogix has created a prototype for a mobile banking application designed to identify users and grant them access to their accounts by scanning their fingerprint, according to a report by

Crealogix’s CLX.PortalApp prototype supports Apple devices with fingerprint sensor using Apple’s TouchID API, and will soon offer support for Samsung devices.

The app offers another authentication method for login, allowing users the option of using it in combination with their existing user name and password.

The company is currently demonstrating the app to select customers, and so far it says it has received strong interest.

Crealogix has not yet specified when it intends on making the app available to the public.

Previously reported, a recent study by Gemalto revealed that banking and border security will continue to drive the expansion of biometrics.

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