UK construction contractor adopts Aurora facial recognition time and attendance system

February 13, 2015 - 

UK construction, development, refurbishment and maintenance contractor Mulalley recently adopted Aurora’s facial recognition based solutions to manage time and attendance.

After identifying a need for a remote method of clocking staff on and off at its multiple temporary sites, Mulalley turned to Aurora’s Mobile Clocking and Tablet Clocking.

The smartphone and tablet applications record an employee’s time and attendance with a simple swipe of the screen to record his or her event.

Using the Android or Windows device’s camera, users are able to capture an image of the operative, which is recorded and stored with the clocking event and the GPS location at that time.

All logs can be quickly and easily accessed via a secure cloud database, ensuring that approved administrators can view the employees’ records at any time or place.

“The mobile application was perfect for us,” said Richard Hatcher, purchasing and IT director at Mulalley. “The logs recorded by the phones are sent to the same database as our permanent site records, meaning they are easily accessible to administrators. The capturing of the GPS location means that we know our staff are in the right place at the right time.”

Mobile Clocking and Tablet Clocking are two of the latest products in Aurora’s line of time and attendance products designed specifically for the construction industry.

Aurora provides facial recognition technology in the form of access control, identity management and time and attendance solutions.

Previously reported, Aurora released version 14.10.09 (codename Inara) of its infrared passport verification software, which is able to reduce error rates for passport identity authentication by over 25%.

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