White paper explores how privacy and data protection legislation affects biometric authentication

February 6, 2015 - 

Market research firm Goode Intelligence has published its latest white paper entitled “The Impact of Privacy and Data Protection Legislation on Biometric Authentication“.

The white paper, which can be downloaded for free from Goode Intelligence, addresses privacy and security issues relating to biometric systems and data.

The paper identifies the state privacy and data protection legislation that applies to biometrics and analyzes a legal memorandum commissioned by behavioral biometric firm BehavioSec.

According to the paper, there have been an increasing number of biometric solutions deployed to mainstream digital services which has led to growing concerns regarding the privacy and security implications of biometrics.

As biometric technology continues to grow and expand on to consumer digital services, as will privacy and security issues.

Other topics the white paper covers is the European Union experience, other regions experience, legal analysis on BehavioSec’s behavioral biometrics technology, and an introduction to BehavioSec’s Behavioral Biometrics.

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