Amazon acquires Internet of Things platform developer 2lemetry

March 16, 2015 - 

Amazon recently acquired Internet of Things platform developer 2lemetry, which provides a range of IoT solutions including facial recognition technology.

2lemetry said on its website that it will not change its existing service and will continue to offer the same level of customer support after the acquisition is complete. Additionally, the company will retain its existing name and branding.

2lemetry currently offers two core IoT products including 2lemetry Integrate, which connects device data to applications and databases such as, Heroku and ThingWorx.

Additionally, 2lemetry Incoming enables location and proximity sensing, facial recognition, and geo-fencing for people, places and things.

The company said its facial recognition solution “effectively measures and records age and gender– data that can then be used for digital signage or for analytics to drive future decisions.”

2lemetry previously announced that it integrated its ThingFabric platform with Amazon Web Services.

The acquisition of 2lementry should bring Amazon’s cloud service business unit one step closer to being a one-stop shop for services, security, and support to connect IoT on a global scale.

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