Authentify uses voice biometrics for call center fraud prevention

March 12, 2015 - 

Authentify announced it has launched Authentify xFA SecureCallCenter, an application that enables financial institutions to curb fraud by authenticating mobile users who wish to speak to a call center representative.

Users of Authentify xFA SecureCallCenter application must log into the mobile app and then press a call center button, which triggers Authentify xFA’s biometric authentication sequence. Meanwhile, a voice channel call is also placed to the call center.

Once the user’s identity is confirmed, the SecureCallCenter app connects the call and sends the end user’s contact and account information to a module at the call center console.

The module interprets the information for the console so that the information will be displayed for the next representative in the queue.

The application uses a combination of security features including digital certificates, voice biometrics and a fingerprint to authenticate an inbound call.

“The SecureCallCenter functionality provides a one-touch connection to an institution’s call center,” said Alan Dundas, Authentify’s vice president of product architecture. “As financial services customers migrate to using mobile channels as the primary connection to their accounts, reusing the authentication from the mobile app across a different contact channel makes a great deal of sense.”

Now available, Authentify xFA SecureCallCenter requires the Authentify xFA mobile SDK to integrate with a financial institution’s mobile app.

The financial institution’s app and procedures managers the user’s actual account information, while Authentify manages the authentication and biometrics.

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