Crossmatch biometric readers enable retailer to achieve PCI compliance for POS login

March 24, 2015 - 

Crossmatch announced that clothing accessory retailer Goorin Bros. is using its U.are.U 4500 fingerprint readers to achieve PCI compliance for its point-of-sale login.

The Crossmatch biometrics-based solution secures access to the POS terminal. The solution protects the retailer and its customers from the high risk of data breaches, while improving the speed of the POS login protocol.

PCI regulations governing POS login require that retailers maintain unique, complex passwords for each employee — passwords which must be changed at regular intervals, such as every 90 days.

Before implementing a biometric system, the retailer’s sales associates had to recall and manually enter complex and frequently changing passwords before every transaction.

This would slow down customer service and could sometimes lead to potential delays as a result of associates forgetting the passwords.

Now, Goorin Bros. uses Crossmatch U.are.U 4500 fingerprint readers, connected directly to the POS terminal, at all of its nationwide locations.

Employees can now simply log on with their unique biometric credential and are automatically logged off following each transaction.

The Crossmatch biometric identity solution creates a non-repudiable audit trail for all transactions since unique fingerprint patterns cannot be shared, unlike a password.

“Our biometrics-based identity solutions are a natural fit for a wide range of retailers, empowering them to increase security while improving customer service at critical access points,” said Crossmatch CEO Richard Agostinelli. “We are excited to see yet another retailer leverage biometrics to achieve outstanding results.”

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