EgisTec to provide biometric authentication for Acer’s Cloud platform

March 20, 2015 - 

Fingerprint sensor firm Egis Technology Inc. has partnered with hardware and electronics manufacturer Acer to help develop Acer’s Build Your Own Cloud ecosystem.

EgisTec’s biometric authentication solution will help safeguard Acer’s BYOC to protect sensitive and privacy data for the customers’ high security level web services.

“We are excited to have this opportunity to partner with Acer regarding their BYOC ecosystem,” said Sky Su, vice president of EgisTec. “Our YuKey Smartband will bring a higher level of security and biometric authentication to protect the data in Acer’s BYOC.”

Acer’s BYOC is a multi-network and multi-device cloud ecosystem that allows customers to easily customize and build their own cloud system.

The UAF/U2F FIDO certified server is integrated as a built-in facility for high security online identification in order to protect the BYOC.

EgisTec’s YuKey Smartband will be used as the secure key to access Acer’s BYOC and provide a strong authentication service along with privacy protection against cyber attacks.

YuKey SmartBand uses a combination of sensors including fingerprint, heart, and activity. It features BLE Bluetooth smart connectivity capabilities to connect and sync to the user’s smartphone wirelessly, allowing data to be uploaded into the cloud.

Previously reported, Egis Technology implemented its ET300 fingerprint touch sensor in Alibaba and Philips’ collaborative smartphone, Philips Aurora i966.

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