EyeVerify discusses biometrics, integration with AirWatch product suite

March 27, 2015 - 

EyeVerify EVP for global sales and marketing, Chris Barnett, discussed Eyeprint ID’s integration with enterprise mobility management firm AirWatch’s complete product suite in an interview at AirWatch Connect at Mobile World Congress 2015,

In a video posted on the AirWatch blog, Barnett talked about how AirWatch and EyeVerify’s partnership allowed for the integration, as well as Eyeprint ID’s previous integration with AirWatch SDK and AirWatch Chat.

This integration eliminates the traditional password system for AirWatch users, and instead, replaces it with quick biometric detection.

Using a smartphone’s camera to image and pattern match the blood vessels in the whites of the eye, Eyeprint ID provides AirWatch users with convenient, secure, private authentication.

According to Barnett, biometric scanning and authentication is experiencing rapid growth in several industries, with EyeVerify gaining momentum for biometrics and two-factor authentication in several sectors, including government, healthcare, financial services and the oil and gas.

“Biometrics have been around a while in science fiction movies,” said Barnett. “We really feel that 2015 is the year where it’s going to be the standard. Now with Touch ID from Apple and Eyeprint ID from EyeVerify, there finally is a solution that actually solves that problem.”

Watch the full interview on the AirWatch blog.

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