Hoyos Labs becomes member of The FIDO Alliance

March 26, 2015 - 

Hoyos Labs announced it has joined The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, an industry organization devoted to furthering online security with open standards for simpler and stronger authentication.

Members of the FIDO Alliance commit to sharing their technology and collaborating with the organization to deliver open standards for universal strong authentication.

Hoyos Labs will rely on its experience in standards development and expertise in end-to-end user authentication, biometrics and identity management to contribute to FIDO specifications.

“Both Hoyos Labs and The FIDO Alliance share an important common goal – to address the lack of interoperability among authentication devices and the problems people face on a daily basis when it comes to creating, remembering, and using countless usernames, passwords, PINS, and other log-ins,” said Hector Hoyos, founder and CEO of Hoyos Labs.

“The key to a successful identity assertion platform is to securely and conveniently tie a user’s unique biometrics to his or her identity and the identity of his or her mobile device, while simultaneously protecting privacy. We bring incremental security in the way we define identity and our technology brings an additional layer of security, which benefits not only the members of FIDO, but also the general public.”

Hoyos Labs’ biometrics-based identity assertion platform HoyosID has been developed for both consumers and enterprises.

The company also provides software for ATMs, which use biometrics and a smartphone to replace ATM cards and PINs for extra security.

Banks can embed Hoyos Labs’ software into their mobile banking apps and ATM software to enable customers to use facial, periocular, voice, 4F, fingerprint and iris biometrics to access bank accounts and perform transactions.

Previously reported, Hoyos Labs demonstrated its new biometrics-based ATM app that replaces ATM cards and PINs, at February’s ATMIA conference in Las Vegas.

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