id3 Technologies implements biometric identification system for Colombian notaries

March 17, 2015 - 

The Colombian Board of Public Notaries (UCNC) has successfully completed the final phase to initiate the country’s biometric identification and online authentication project.

The UCNC first approached id3 Technologies in 2012 to implement a biometric identification system for all Colombian citizens using its services in an effort to curb identity theft and fraudulent activity.

The partnership among the National Civil Registry, the UCNC, Certicamara and id3 Technologies will enable full access to the country’s official biographical and biometric database to compare it against the biometric data of UCNC services-seeking citizens, whose data will be securely stored on the server.

Certicamara solutions will provide chronological timestamping and electronic signatures, while id3 Technologies’ will provide solutions for fingerprint recognition and identity management.

Each application for an administrative procedure is a seven-step process, starting with the biometric identification of the notary with match on card software and id3 reader.

The two-dimensional barcode featured on the applicant’s ID card is scanned, while the applicant’s biometric data (photo and fingerprints) is captured. The collected fingerprints are then compared with the national database.

The applicant must then provide their electronic signature on the tablet computer, which creates the required document.

Finally, the notary provides their electronic signature on the document, which includes the biometric authentication, digital certificate, timestamp and filing on a private Web platform.

The deployment of this new service, along with the fingerprint readers and tablet computers for electronic signatures, will be gradually rolled out over the next year in order to equip the country’s 1,000 public notary offices.

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