MedImpact, Nok Nok Labs to provide FIDO biometric authentication for physician access portal

March 24, 2015 - 

Pharmacy benefit manager MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc. will use Nok Nok Labs technology to provide FIDO fingerprint authentication for its physician access portal.

With this partnership, MedImpact becomes the first company to use FIDO authentication to protect patient privacy in the healthcare industry.

The physician access portal provides healthcare providers with a fast, secure and convenient solution to view a patient’s complete prescription history.

MedImpact will expand FIDO authentication to all its web applications available to its client health insurance providers and their 50 million covered members, with the initial solution launching this summer.

By deploying Nok Nok Labs’ S3 Authentication Suite, MedImpact can enable authorized healthcare providers to access its physician portal with a supported fingerprint reader instead of a traditional password system.

“MedImpact is using our pioneering FIDO ReadyTM server to meet the challenge of providing stronger security than the traditional username/password mechanism,” said Ramesh Kesanupalli, founder and FIDO visionary, Nok Nok Labs. “As our FIDO Ready capability comes pre-installed on some Samsung smartphones and Lenovo laptops and is available as an app for iOS devices, MedImpact’s external user community can avoid the challenges typically associated with using high-security, multifactor authentication.”

Previously reported, the FIDO Alliance recently named Ramesh Kesanupalli and Sami Nassar of NXP as the organization’s vice presidents to address new opportunities for FIDO standards adoption.

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