MedixSafe renames biometric security reader to Vanguard

Narcotics cabinet manufacturer MedixSafe has renamed its latest biometric security reader to Vanguard, which it had previously named Guardian 2.

Reported in January, MedixSafe released a new biometric scanner that significantly increases the complexity of security credentials.

MedixSafe narcotics lockers with Vanguard technology effectively tracks inventory by time, date, and personnel, helps with inventory ordering, and increases the level of accountability and compliance.

The biometric scanner can be remotely accessed by administrators on a “who, what, where, when, and why” basis, while providing complete records and documents for DEA and AHJ’s.

Other key features include fast fingerprint identification (3,000 prints in 1 second), real time email notifications to smartphone or PC, easy network integration using wireless network, and remote access to any of MedixSafe’s six cabinet sizes.

MedixSafe’s narcotics cabinets range from 8″ wide x 7″ tall x 10″ deep for the MS-series, all of the way up to 48” high x 40” wide x 29.5” deep for the S-series.

The S1 features two separate compartments, which can be individually programmed with different user credentials. This provides a complete separation for the daily use of the compartments while maintaining a higher level of security for back-up quantities.

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