OneVisage launches 3D facial authentication solution

March 23, 2015 - 

Switzerland-based digital identity firm OneVisage has unveiled SelfiLogin, a 3D facial authentication product that operates on standard smartphones.

OneVisage’s SelfiLogin eliminates the traditional two-step authentication process, which is becoming an issue for the mobile commerce field.

The technology relies on the unique patterns of the human face, which contains different mesh – or the geometric representation of the face — and skin texture.

Three dimensional face authentication allows for a high accuracy rate and is not impacted by changes in lighting, unlike other biometric modalities such as two dimensional face or iris recognition systems.

According to OneVisage, tokenization is becoming an inconvenient practice that could lead to abandon purchases.

The use of digital tokens has led to 30% of mobile payments to be abandon, which results in a significant amount of loss revenue for merchants.

“We recognize the growing concern regarding identity theft issues and consumer data privacy,” said Christophe Remillet, chief technology officer at OneVisage. “Today, there isn’t a single week in the news where a company hasn’t been victim of criminals grabbing thousands or millions of user credentials. Our patent pending and breakthrough technology on consumer smartphones or tablets is disruptive and unique, providing stronger security, better usability and data privacy.”

OneVisage said the operational and security benefits of SelfiLogin also brings along new business opportunities and use cases, such as digital private bank customers being able to perform and validate transactions on a mobile app within seconds rather than minutes.

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