Atlantic Health deploys Patient Secure’s biometric palm vein scanning solution

April 29, 2015 - 

New Jersey nonprofit healthcare system Atlantic Health System recently deployed Patient Secure’s biometric palm vein scanning solution to speed up patient intake and improve record accuracy, according to a report by Information Week.

The heathcare system is one of the largest in the state, with five hospitals and rehabilitation, home care, and hospice services, along with about 1,600 beds for patients in total.

Before deploying Patient Secure’s biometric solution, Atlantic staff would have to manually create a new record with each patient visit, then later combine, normalize, and check the records for errors, which would sometimes result in duplicate records.

Atlantic Health System chose Patient Secure’s palm scan technology which prevents individuals from using someone else’s medical data to receive treatment.

“On any given day, we might see 25% of the work done be involved with duplicate records,” said Linda Reed, VP and CIO at Atlantic Health. “Now that you’re talking about medical identity theft it’s even more important. It turned out to not be a hard sell because it makes so much sense.”

Patient Secure’s palm scanning solution quickly brings up a patient’s existing file, eliminating the need for registration clerks to ask the same questions over and over at patient intake.

With more than 50,000 patients entered into the new system, Atlantic Health has managed to reduce the number of duplicate records, shorten the time required for intake, eliminate a point at which inaccurate information can be introduced to the system, and reduce the need for registration clerks to reconcile different versions of patient records.

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