Biometric security firm HYPR joins the FIDO Alliance

April 15, 2015 - 

Biometrics security firm HYPR has joined the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance in an effort to share technology and collaborate to deliver open specifications for universal authentication methods that are interoperable, more secure, and easier to use, according to the HYPR blog.

The FIDO Alliance is an industry organization that aims to improve online authentication with standards-based specifications, enabling biometric identity verification that protects private data and provides a more secure and simpler alternative to password authentication.

Using biometric sensors and trusted execution zones in mobile devices, HYPR’s cloud-based biometric security platform enables device-to-cloud security.

The platform replaces 2-factor authentication products with 3-factor authentication by leveraging existing biometric processors embedded in modern devices, which can be used for secure enterprise and government deployments.

HYPR’s modular solutions can be implemented in a range of configurations across the device layer, via BYOD, or through the HYPR developer kit that will be available in the third quarter.

The company’s server-side solution is available on-premise or via a SaaS model, which ensures greater flexibility for third parties.

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