Chinese universities implement facial recognition to track student attendance

April 21, 2015 - 

Two Chinese universities have implemented facial recognition technology to track attendance and prevent students from registering other classmates on their behalf, according to a report by Want China Times.

The state-run China Internet Information Center reports that Henan University of Technology in Henan province and Minjiang University in Fujian province have both adopted facial recognition technology.

After Henan University of Technology’s School of Journalism and Communications installed the system in its classrooms, it registered a 100% student attendance.

Li Hongguang, the university professor who decided to deploy the system, said it was set up for two voice-training classes in the morning.

Minjiang University’s music program has also been using the system as of last September, according to teacher Wang Haiyan.

The school has purchased five facial system units, which cost 700 yuan (US$112) each, and now it takes about 15 minutes to register a class’ attendance.

There has been mixed feedback regarding the facial recognition technology, with some students approving of the system while others are concerned that registering students for large classes will take too much time.

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