Connect:ID expo: MorphoTrak demonstration of MorphoWay

April 7, 2015 - 

At last month’s Connect:ID expo in Washington, DC, the exhibition hall featured 50 organizations and companies in the digital identity and biometrics technology space.

Among them was MorphoTrak, a company known for its range of biometric technologies including fingerprint, iris and facial recognition.

John E. Bredehoft, strategic marketing manager with MorphoTrak, gave Biometric Update a brief demonstration of its automated e-gate MorphoWay.

In the video, Bredehoft scans his passport through the document reader, which checks the passport against a database to verify that it is, in fact, a CBP-authorized document.

Once verified, the gates automatically open to allow Bredehoft to exit the area.

Installed in airport and port arrival and departure zones, the automatic gates can be equipped with biometric collection and processing equipment that varies based on the selected control process.

Although this particular e-gate only featured a travel document reader, they can also include a fingerprint sensor, iris scan cameras, facial acquisition cameras, travel ticket reader, an integrated PC used for biometric data comparison, and an optional MorphoPath single passage detector.

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