CPqD biometric authentication solution operating on new IBM platform

April 9, 2015 - 

Brazilian research and development institution CPqD announced that its smart authentication solution is now running on IBM’s recently launched Power8 platform.

The CPqD solution uses face and voice recognition for user authentication in critical applications such as banking and e-commerce.

Available for testing in the IBM Client Center in Sao Paulo, the software expands on an existing partnership between CPqD and IBM in the area of security and fraud prevention.

Used in multiple communication channels including Internet, phone and smartphone, the software combines CPqD’s biometric technologies, text-to-speech and automatic speech recognition for Portuguese spoken in Brazil.

“The correct identification of the customer who is trying to buy a product or perform a banking, in an electronic service channel, it is essential to prevent fraud that today are of concern in banking and e-commerce companies,” said Graziela Barros, biometric authentication solution manager at CPqD. “On the other hand, excessive security procedures, with repeated requests for passwords, tokens and personal information, may end up overshadowing the great attractions of electronic service: the convenience and ease of use.”

CPqD is an independent institution focused on innovation in information and communication technologies, providing solutions for companies and institutions in Brazil and in the international market.

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