Erlanger Health System selects Omnicell Solutions for medication management

April 28, 2015 - 

Erlanger Health System has selected Omnicell, Inc.’s medication management and workflow solutions to further its goal to become an industry-leading health system.

The selection and integration of Omnicell technology will help increase patient safety and operational efficiency by providing medication security throughout the various sections of the hospital, including central pharmacy, operating rooms, nursing units, and the patient bedside.

Omnicell is providing several key solutions to meet Erlanger’s needs, starting with OmniRx automated medication dispensing cabinets (ADCs), which include the integrated medication label printer that allows nurses to print patient-specific labels during medication removal.

The ADCs include the Touch & Go advanced biometric access control system to boost efficiency and security.

WorkflowRx is a server-based pharmacy inventory management software program that integrates with the Medication Carousel to automate the ordering, receiving, stocking and picking processes.

Medication Carousel is an automated pharmacy retrieval system that integrates with WorkflowRx software to provide a comprehensive medication inventory management system.

Controlled Substance Manager (CSM) is designed to improve the management of narcotics throughout the hospital’s continuum of care by providing perpetual inventory management and an automated audit trail to help the pharmacy comply with regulatory standards.

Anesthesia Workstation comprises of automated dispensing cabinets for the operating room that provide secure, convenient access to drugs needed during surgery and easy documentation of controlled substance use.

Pandora Analytics provides business analytics for automated dispensing systems with a focus on diversion, compliance and inventory management.

Anywhere RN remote medication management software is a web-based application that allows nurses to remotely access the Omnicell dispensing cabinets at their convenience from any hospital workstation.

SinglePointe patient medication management software handles and secures up to 100% of a patient’s medications within the automated dispensing cabinets to improve pharmacy and nursing workflow efficiency and lower the potential for medication errors or missed doses.

“It has been a pleasure to support Erlanger as they evaluated all their options before partnering with us,” said J. Christopher Drew, Omnicell executive vice president of sales and marketing. “While already considered one of the nation’s most respected health systems, undergoing the decision process speaks to the high standards Erlanger holds itself to. This implementation is just the beginning, and we look forward to supporting the Erlanger mission of excellence for a long time to come.”

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