GTL adds voice biometrics to inmate telephone platforms

April 8, 2015 - 

Global Tel*Link announced it has released Voice IQ, a new feature available for its inmate telephone platforms that uses voice biometrics to track and verify the identity of inmates and prevents fraud.

Patented by GTL as a “Telecommunication call management and monitoring system with voiceprint verification,” Voice IQ uses natural language speaker verification tools to develop a voiceprint profile for each inmate and enrolls that print in a database to cross-match against it in future calls.

Voice IQ differs from other technologies which analyze the calls after the call is completed, and instead, continuously compares sections of the call to the recorded voiceprint to verify the inmate’s identity during the call.

As a result, ITS users are able to detect fraud by quickly and easily verifying an inmate’s profile and identifying call records where Voice IQ has spotted potential inmate speaker changes during the call.

If the system detects any speaker change activity, a specific icon is displayed with the corresponding time stamp.

Since the voiceprint database builds as more inmates are enrolled, Voice IQ offers an effective research tool for investigators that grows with their needs.

Additionally, Voice IQ curbs potential inmate telephone fraud and helps investigators detect speaker change events related to criminal activity that occurs both inside and outside of the facility.

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