GTRIIP provides biometric identification solution for hotel check-in

April 24, 2015 - 

Singaporean biometric solutions startup GTRIIP has developed a TouchID-integrated biometric identification solution to ensure a more seamless and convenient hotel guest check-in experience, according to a report by Tnooz.

By combining specific data entries to a traveler’s fingerprint, GTRIIP’s solution eliminates the need for travellers to present their ID to the front desk clerk.

The integration with TouchID also eliminates the need to provide a credit card for incidentals, maintaining the stored credit card information on the phone itself.

GTRIIP’s solution enables a more seamless check-in experience for travellers by eliminating the need to show a physical passport for subsequent visits to a hotel chain, improves work efficiency for hotel staff by not having to handle physical passports of the same guests twice, and heightens security and compliance via biometric identification.

GTRIIP posted a Vine video that demonstrates how its biometric verification technology works.

The startup was co-founded by CEO Maxim Thaw Tint and CIO Stanley Myo Lwin, with a total of six people working on the self-funded project.

The co-founders said they will pursue further financing “after a healthy level of customer acquisitions and a sustainable business model is proven.”

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