Hitachi ID updates identity and access management software

April 9, 2015 - 

Hitachi ID Systems announced it has released its Identity and Access Management Suite, version 9.0.

The release includes the launch of Hitachi ID Mobile Access for Android and iOS, which provides access to all product features from phones and tablets.

The main features are the ability to feed report output into requests in order to automate access remediation, as well as many usability enhancements, dashboards and reports.

“Users increasingly access corporate services from their phones. This includes IAM services such as searching for contact information, approving security requests or unlocking forgotten pre-boot passwords,” said Idan Shoham, Hitachi ID CTO. “The challenge with mobile access to on-premise IAM services is connectivity. Smartphones and tablets are rarely attached to the corporate WiFi or VPN.”

Hitachi ID Mobile Access allows users to access IAM services from their phones and tablets, even when they are not connected to the corporate network.

A cloud-hosted proxy service facilitates communication between the user’s device and on-premise IAM system. Additionally, devices are activated via a scanned QR code to ensure security.

The suite also includes Hitachi ID Password Manager, which enables users to manage passwords, PINs, encryption keys and other authentication factors, including security questions, hardware tokens, biometric samples and PKI certificates.

Previously reported, Hitachi revealed back in December it has built a finger vein scanner prototype that enables users to simply wave their finger over the scanner to quickly gain access to sports stadiums, convention centers and other large venues.

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