Iris ID certified under Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program

April 14, 2015 - 

Iris ID Systems Inc. announced it has received Lenel factory certification by joining the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP), enabling the company’s IrisAccess iCAM iris recognition products to interface with the Lenel OnGuard access control system.

IrisAccess is a non-contact biometric iris authentication solution that offers convenience, speed, accuracy, and security. The new interface allows OnGuard and Iris ID customers to use a more seamless enrollment process and management of data.

By completing the required factory testing at Lenel, IrisAccess has fully validated the functionality of the IrisAccess EAC iAI (IrisAccess Import add-on service) interface to OnGuard.

“Lenel factory certification through the OAAP program further enhances the IRIS ID IrisAccess product line and provides large enterprise customers a path to deploy iris recognition technology through the OnGuard system,” said Mohammed Murad, vice president of sales business development at Iris ID. “The interface to OnGuard access control includes the capability to enroll iris biometric data directly through OnGuard, encode smart cards with encrypted iris templates and now manage user data more efficiently utilizing the new connectivity.”

IrisAccess iCAM 7 Series cameras offer a range of features, including auto-focus iris acquisition process to ensure rapid, high quality iris image capture for enrollment and recognition, an auto-tilt targeting aid, and customizable voice prompts and visual feedback.

All iCAM 7 models feature the Iris ID countermeasure package that have established the industry standard in quality and performance.

Previously reported, Iris ID partnered with IBM to provide iris recognition technology to the Canada Border Services Agency’s NEXUS program, allowing all enrolled travelers to clear customs by looking into a camera that uses the eye’s iris to verify their identity.

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