Korean Internet & Security Agency developing standards for ’next-generation’ biometrics

April 9, 2015 - 

The Korea Internet & Security Agency announced that it has established a research committee designed to standardize next-generation biometrics technology using bio-signals such as brain waves and heart beats, according to a report by Who Wired Korea.

The research committee for biometrics technology standardization is comprised of university hospitals and industry leaders, as well as telecommunications and biometrics companies.

Starting next month, the group will begin implementation on standardization for smart convergence security services.

The group will combine its research with Asia Biometrics Consortium (ABC) to analyze a number of key areas, including individual biometrics analysis, standardized mobile biometrics sensor interface, standardized bio-signal identification and protection technologies.

The committee’s ultimate goal is to apply these technologies to the private sector for device and user certification for smart convergence security service by February 2018.

KISA anticipates that biometric certification technology will drive global technological competitiveness in medical areas with a focus on IT, as well as the mobile biometric space.

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