Maharashtra government to initiate biometrics record-keeping in orphanages

April 6, 2015 - 

The government of Maharashtra, India said it will collect biometric records of all residents of NGO and state-operated orphanages to ensure that grants disbursed by it reach their beneficiaries, according to a report by DNA India.

The government will meet with all the respective members of the Legislative Council (LC) and experts to discuss the current state of orphanages in Maharashtra, including this decision to collect biometric records.

Vidya Thakur, minister of state for women and child welfare, recently revealed that the state does not have on hand the records relating to the numbers of children in NGO-operated orphanages, despite the state disbursing monthly grants to them.

“In future, if we want to come up with any schemes, these records will help (the government),” said Thakur. “Also, while the state gives Rs950 per child to the NGO run orphanages, the remaining financial burden is borne by the NGOs by way of donations and financial assistance from benefactors.”

Currently, there are 42 state-operated children homes and 1,100 NGO-operated homes for orphans, which are aided by the state.

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