NEC releases faster real-time face recognition solution

April 21, 2015 - 

NEC Corporation announced this week at Counter Terror Expo 2015 it has launched the latest edition of NeoFace Watch, which can identify known suspects from live CCTV footage, prerecorded video, and still image photo databases.

The latest version of NeoFace Watch offers significant performance improvements over its predecessor, including a faster processing time (30 frames per second of real-time video) and the ability to handle very large databases.

Integrating with existing video surveillance systems, NeoFace Watch matches faces in real-time against a watch list of individuals and effectively alerts police and security professionals when a suspect has been found.

Based on independent testing, NEC’s NeoFace technology provides the fastest, most accurate matching capability, and most capable of handing poor quality images typically found in CCTV footage, along with variations caused by ageing, race and pose angle.

The facial recognition technology achieved the highest performance evaluation for the third consecutive time in National Institute of Standards and Technology’s recent Face Recognition Vendor Test 2014.

The solution captures images in real time, selects areas of the face with dense information values (ie. The curves of the eye socket, nose and chin), and uses advanced pattern recognition models to identify the subject.

With higher rates of positive identification, NeoFace Watch is able to identify a match with image resolutions as low as 24 pixels between the eyes.

“NEC’s face recognition solutions are part of a globally-trusted portfolio of biometric and safer cities solutions,” said Chris de Silva, VP Public Safety and Head of Global Face Recognition Solutions Business at NEC. “The speed of our face detection and match accuracy is unmatched by any competing solution and we can easily demonstrate that NeoFace Watch can handle poor quality images better and faster than any other system. Our public safety solutions include multimodal biometrics, situation awareness and cybersecurity solutions.”

Previously reported, NEC India partnered with Innovative Telecom & Softwares Pvt. Ltd. to provide the Surat City Police in Gujarat, India with NEC’s facial recognition solution.

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