Alcatel introduces smartphone with EyeVerify eye recognition feature

May 3, 2015 - 

Smartphone manufacturer Alcatel has introduced a new smartphone integrated with EyeVerify’s eye recognition technology that enables users to unlock the device.

Priced at $250, Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 phone features EyeVerify’s biometric eye recognition security option called Eye-D.

Using the front-facing camera, the feature captures the blood vessel patterns in the whites of the user’s eyes and unlocks the device if it matches with the user’s profile iris image.

EyeVerify, which holds 10 patents on the blood-vessel scanning technology, provides an identification system that is different from iris-scanning technology that is used in many other applications.

According to a review by Computer World, the smartphone’s eye recognition feature “worked consistently well” as it successfully identified the user on multiple tries, even in extremely dim lighting.

Previously reported, Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE unveiled in March at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona its latest ZTE Grand S3 flagship smartphone with Eyeverify technology.

The Eyeprint ID version of Grand S3 is only available online in China, but ZTE said it will offer a wider roll out of the device later this year.

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