AnchorID launches channel partner program for biometric authentication platform

May 26, 2015 - 

AnchorID, Inc. has launched a national channel partner program to expand the reach of AnchorID’s multi-factor authentication platform.

The company has already signed three partners, which include Core Value Systems, Shore Software, and Evolving Media Network.

“As the demand for our award-winning authentication platform increases, it’s vital we work with industry partners that can supply technical support and custom integrations of our software. Our new partner companies are extremely well-qualified to expand AnchorID’s reach,” said David W. Schropfer, CEO of AnchorID. “They are a great addition to our new channel program and we look forward to working with them.”

AnchorID’s patent-pending authentication software combines the power of smartphone technology, the security of out-of-band authentication, and bring-your-own-device practices.

The system provides users with just one universal username to remember and completely eliminates the use of passwords.

When logging into a website, users can simply enter their AnchorID and leave the password field blank.

The Anchor ID smartphone app will automatically ask users to confirm that they are trying to log in.

For greater security, users can add biometrics (fingerprint biometrics via TouchID or voice biometrics), a PIN, or other authentication methods such as Geo-location.

AnchorID has posted a video that demonstrates how the technology works.

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