Australian law enforcement agencies want shared facial recognition database

May 22, 2015 - 

Australian law enforcement agencies have come together to support a new plan to build a national facial recognition database that will compares faces against images on passports, visas and driver’s licences as an anti-organized crime tool, according to a report by IT News.

Attorneys-General and police ministers from the Commonwealth, states and territories agreed Friday to a plan on a plan to fight cross-border criminal networks.

The 2015-18 strategic plan will prioritize data sharing capabilities and the war against cybercrime, which includes a move to “explore” a national facial biometric matching capability.

“This will assist agencies to combat the increasingly sophisticated use of fraudulent identities by organized crime groups,” said the document.

Additionally, the plan includes vaguely-worded planned resolutions to eliminating existing legislative and cultural barriers that prevent state and federal police forces from sharing important data.

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