BioSSL provides accounting software with fingerprint and face recognition login

May 20, 2015 - 

Biometric web security firm BioSSL Limited has partnered with accounting software Finebooks to offer secure fingerprint login security as an optional feature to the Finebooks package.

According to the company, BioSSL is the first to offer HTTPS fingerprint security to provide an additional security level to protect users against system hacking.

BioSSL provides Finebooks customers with the option of using fingerprint or face recognition to log in to their accounts.

Unlike Apple’s Touch ID, no biometric data, templates or images are stored locally with BioSSL. Instead, the platform retains only the unique hash of the user.

“The hash on the server is much more complex, so hackers can’t use it,” said BioSSL CEO Johann Caubergh.

BioSSL’s advanced biometric platform helps secures online financial, confidential document transactions and other high risk web based environments.

The firm’s desktop and mobile application integrates seamlessly into existing payment solutions, such as online banking and payment terminals.

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