E-learning firm deploys VoiceVault mobile voice recognition solution: case study

May 17, 2015 - 

VoiceVault recently published a case study that illustrates how it’s ViGo mobile voice recognition solution helped Texas-based e-learning firm Aceable to authenticate its users.

Aceable offers a mobile-based education and testing platform for drivers education. It was seeking a more efficient replacement for its previous email-and-password system to authenticate its users as part of its testing and certification activities.

“We want to hold ourselves to a high degree of integrity, and we wanted to make sure that our customers do, too,” said Aceable CEO Blake Garrett.

The company eventually decided to deploy VoiceVault’s ViGo mobile solution, which was launched last July.

The system requires users to recite a phrase three or four times when signing up, and then the system will prompt them to repeat the phrase at random intervals.

It an individual fails to authenticate more than three times during the voice recognition login process, the person will be locked out of the course.

The simplified approach and user-friendly SDK were the main benefits that convinced Aceable to deploy VoiceVault’s ViGo mobile solution.

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