EgisTec’s UAF and U2F products are now FIDO certified

May 26, 2015 - 

Egis Technology Inc. has submitted and passed the FIDO Certification Program with their UAF and U2F products, including YuKey UAF Authenticator APK, YuKey UAF Client + UAF ASM/Authenticator APK, and YuKey U2F Authenticator.

“We are excited to announce the passing of FIDO’s UAF and U2F certification process,” said Steve Ro, chairman and CEO of EgisTec. “With our UAF solutions, service, and U2F product, we will provide more security and easy solutions and products for authentication based on FIDO specifications.

“These specifications are changing the nature of authentication with standards for simpler, stronger authentication that reduce reliance on passwords. EgisTec is proud to be a sponsor member of the FIDO Alliance and be a part of the evolution in authentication.”

The FIDO Certification Program tests both members’ and non-members’ products for interoperability and conformance with FIDO specifications.

When a company’s products pass the FIDO Certification Program and receive the FIDO Certified title, their customers and partners can be assured that the products will work compatibly where FIDO authentication is offered.

Previously reported, EgisTec partnered with hardware and electronics manufacturer Acer to help develop Acer’s Build Your Own Cloud ecosystem.

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