Google to add fingerprint authentication feature for Android system

May 26, 2015 - 

Google will reportedly introduce a fingerprint scanner/security/authentication feature to Android mobile phones this year, according to a report by Buzzfeed.

The search engine giant is expected to announce the new service, which will be delivered with Android’s upcoming update, at this week’s Google I/O event in California.

Google’s version of a fingerprint authentication feature will be a part of the upcoming Android M update, which will replace the existing Android L.

The new feature will also support login to supported applications, as well as the phone’s overall security level.

According to a report by STRGIST, other reports that offer slight twists to the story have surfaced on the Internet, which suggest that the biometric authentication level will be added to Google’s Gmail, and Android for Work.

Google previously introduced Google Wallet, a secure wireless payment service for smartphones.

And though rival payment system Apple Pay has surpassed the service in popularity, Google Wallet could potentially attract a greater market if it eventually adds fingerprint authentication to the mobile payment service.

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