IriTech launches enterprise version of its biometric time and attendance software

May 27, 2015 - 

IriTech has launched the enterprise version for its IriTracker Time and Attendance software, which is designed for medium and large size companies for both the time and attendance suppliers and end users.

The version includes many new features and a new database management system (My SQL) to support for large scale database, uses back-end matching software and can handle virtually unlimited database.

Each company is only required to purchase one license of IriTrack Time & Attendance Enterprise to run on the server, with all client versions for checking in and out employees being free of cost.

This latest enterprise version is a significant advance over its previous versions, which used the IriShield camera’s on-board matcher for iris recognition functions resulting in a database size that was limited to 500 employees.

IriTech marketing director Justin Ryu said that the upgraded version will provide new opportunities for IriTech to enter the rapidly growing biometric attendance market.

IriTech will initially target the Indian biometric attendance market where the IriTracker Time and Attendance system has already been deployed successfully by various government agencies, said Ryu.

Previously reported, IriTech demonstrated its new multimodal camera, Gemini Camera system, at Interpol World 2015 in Singapore.

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