Microsoft Lumia smartphones rumored to feature iris recognition for access control

May 28, 2015 - 

Microsoft is set to release the Windows 10 for Phones version alongside new Microsoft Lumia flagship smartphones, to coincide with the Windows 10 release later this year, according to Tech Gadget Central.

Though Microsoft has not made an official announcement regarding details about the new flagship smartphone, insiders have been slowly leaking information.

According to a recently surfaced rumor, Microsoft is set to release two new feature-rich Lumia smartphones at the end of August.

Reports by WinFuture and Dr.Windows both claim that the two new Microsoft Lumia flagship smartphones will feature iris recognition for access control.

The Lumia smartphones – codenamed Talkman and Cityman – will run on Windows 10 Mobile and will integrate Cortana with the new Edge web browser, previously known as Spartan.

Using next-generation optical hardware, the smartphones will perform completely secure scans of the individual’s eyeballs to unlock the phone or use certain features.

The Microsoft Lumia flagship phones will be loaded with features, including wireless charging DSLR-level optical sensors, USB Type C, an FHD and a QHD display, and many new software features included with Windows 10.

Leaked information regarding the flagship smartphones continue to trickle in each day, which likely means that the actual release date is drawing nearer.

The Microsoft Lumia release date for the Cityman and Talkman are expected to coincide with the launch of Windows 10, while the follow-up to the Lumia is expected to be released sooner than expected.

Reported previously, Microsoft announced that the upcoming release of Windows 10 will feature Microsoft’s new biometric verification system Hello.

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