Morpho joins Natural Security Alliance

May 7, 2015 - 

Morpho (Safran) announced it has joined Natural Security Alliance, helping the organization to explore new biometric methods and strengthen mobile phone implementations.

Natural Security Alliance’s biometric strong authentication standard makes it possible for users to access a range of electronic services while ensuring that they will retain full control of their biometric data and that their privacy will be protected.

Through this standard, Natural Security Alliance has effectively defined the specifications for a strong authentication method involving a personal device that can securely interface with biometric readers via contact, NFC or mid-range technologies.

The standard is based on an evaluation and certification scheme, which provides the foundation for an interoperability scheme compatible with all possible variations of implementations in regards to form factors and services.

Recognition from companies like Morpho further validates Natural Security Alliance’s positioning and objectives, as well as encourages other companies to join the Alliance and adopt the standard.

Natural Security Alliance members include firms in the business, banking and payment industries, as well as solution providers and manufacturers.

Previously reported, Natural Security Alliance recently announced the launch of two connected devices implementing its Natural Security standard.

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