SmartMetric to release new biometric payment card in U.S. and Europe

May 22, 2015 - 

SmartMetric, Inc. announced it will soon release its new biometric-activated and user-validated EMV payments card in both the United States and throughout the European Union.

The announcement comes a few weeks after SmartMetric, Inc. reported that it is moving forward into mass production of its advanced secure biometric fingerprint activated chip payment cards.

The SmartMetric biometrics payments card has an inside-the-card fingerprint reader that uses the person’s fingerprint to activate the card’s EMV chip before a payments transaction.

The card is also entirely self-powered with a rechargeable battery.

“We are extremely excited about the incredible prospects for the company with our biometric secure EMV chip payments card product and are prepared to capitalise on the substantial existing global market of over 3.4 billion issued EMV chip cards in use around the world,” said Chaya Hendrick, SmartMetric president and CEO.

Additionally, SmartMetric will offer the new payments card to financial institutions in “substantial high growth markets” throughout the Asia Pacific region, shortly after its United States and EU product deployment.

SmartMetric has posted a video demonstrating its new biometric chip card.

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