Apple granted patent relating to Touch ID fingerprint authentication for future Macs

June 9, 2015 - 

Apple has been granted a series of 48 U.S. patents relating to biometric sensing and finger sensing using integrated circuit finger sensors and associated methods for iMac (keyboard) and MacBook, suggesting that the technology giant is considering integrating Touch ID into future Macs, according to a report by Patently Apple.

A diagram labelled FIG. 1 in the published patent document shows a notebook computer with enhanced security features, although the patent clearly mentions that the computer could be a desktop or other computer device.

The patent document #9,053,351, which was originally filed back to 2007, states that the computer features a display connected to a base or housing, while a keyboard and a biometric security sensor may also be attached to the top side of the base.

In addition, the finger sensing apparatus includes an integrated circuit (IC) substrate, a range of finger sensing elements on the (IC) substrate, and image watermark circuitry on the IC substrate, which works with a range of finger sensing elements to generate finger image data with an image watermark embedded therein.

The finger image data may include data based upon ridges, valleys, pores and/or capillaries, at the surface or within the skin, for example.

The diagram also shows that the finger sensing apparatus includes match circuitry on the IC substrate for performing finger matching based on the image watermark.

Senior Algorithm Scientist Michael Boshra — who has extensive research experience in the areas of computer vision, pattern recognition and biometrics — is one of 18 engineers Apple credited for the invention.

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