Chinese web services firm Baidu files patents for smart wallet with voice and iris recognition

June 9, 2015 - 

Chinese web services firm Baidu is developing a physical smart wallet that will feature biometric voice and iris recognition to prevent unauthorized access, according to leaked patent documents cited in a report by Android Headlines.

According to the patent documents, Baidu’s smart wallet appears to be like any other wallet, only with added smart features to improve security levels.

In addition to the voice and iris recognition features, the wallet also includes a GPS module and the ability to pair with a smartphone to enable owners to locate it if it is misplaced.

The smart wallet also has a self-destruct feature that will effectively spray paint and demagnetize credit cards, rendering them unusable, in the event that the wallet is stolen.

It is quite plausible that not all of these features would ever make it to a finished product, but rather Baidu attempted to overshoot their goals for licensing purposes.

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