Face Forensics Inc. develops high speed partial face recognition capability

June 29, 2015 - 

Face Forensics Inc. announced it has made a significant improvement to its f2 face recognition technology by adding unique partial face recognition capability.

The new capability allows an image of part of a face to be matched against the same area on previously enrolled full faces.

The f2 software is able to search databases at extremely high speed, enabling it to be configured to match at a speed of more than one million faces per second.

The software displays the top matches as thumbnail images in order of match percentage, simplifying the task of determining if the full face is already in the database.

Face Forensics’ unique partial face recognition capability is able to recognize faces that are partially-concealed, burnt or injured, such as in the case of a criminal wearing a balaclava.

The company says its f2 face recognition technology is one of the most successful face recognition systems in North America, having been installed in numerous police forces.

Additionally, Face Forensics developed the UK’s ChildBase system, which is one of the largest image processing systems of its type anywhere.

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